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What Do I Wear?

When getting ready for a photo session, you should pick clothing changes that you feel comfortable in.  If you are not comfortable, that will show in the portraits.  Pick colors and patterns that compliment your eye color and your complexion, but are not too loud because that takes away from the subject of the portrait (which is you!).  Most of all wear what you like (within reason)!  

What shoes do I need to wear?

Shoes should also be comfortable!  What shoes also depends on where the session is taking place.  (High Heels and mud don't really go together)  You can also take several pairs of shoes to change into.

How many clothing changes should I bring?  

2-4 changes is usually sufficient.

Can I bring props?

Yes, in fact, I encourage you to do so.  Props are an important insight to who you are.

Can I take a picture with my pet?

Sure!  That would be fantastic!  

I am nervous, what can I do to feel more at ease?

Don't worry about being nervous,  as we work thru some of the pictures, you will become more comfortable.   Photo Sessions are fun!  Just relax!

Why should I purchase prints from you?  

The prints will have a protective coating which prevents damage from light and time.  I can also order different textures and many different sizes and artistic edges.  

What other printing services do you offer?  

There are a variety of prints you can order.  Please ask about all of the different types of prints!!!!!!!!!  I would love to explain or even show you the different printing services available.  I also would love to help you with greeting cards, christmas cards, invitations and albums.  

Do you offer specials?

Yes! I do offer specials from time to time!  Please call and ask me about the specials I am currently offering.


Please contact me for pricing on all sessions.  

I prefer taking portraits outdoors!  I will travel up to 30 miles at no charge.  Farther is .55 per mile.  Mileage is subject to change according to the IRS requirements.


Please contact me for prices and packages.

Purchases may be made thru Paypal.  Please contact me for other methods of payment.

You can contact me by email at:  LHofacket@godscreationphotography.com
or contact me by telephone at:  (325) 650-4232.